Call for Papers

The RSS 2015 R4SIM workshop is motivated by the need for robotics simulators that (i) lower the barriers to entering robotics research, (ii) provide a means to realistically and comprehensively simulate systems in conditions, or at scales, that would be infeasible or impossible to test experimentally, and (iii) enable efficient and reliable transition to and from hardware experiments.

We invite contributions for a wide range of topics in robotic simulation. Special weighting will be given to those contributions with a data-driven focus, and particularly if they are accompanied by a demonstration or open code.

Subjects of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Dynamics models
  • Control models
  • Sensor noise models
  • Environmental models
  • Radio / communication models
  • Patterns and architectures
  • Optimization and performance
  • Hardware in the loop designs
  • Systems and experiences
  • Demonstrations

Submissions should take the form of an extended abstract (2-3 pages) or a full paper (up to 8 pages), and can be a presentation of work in progress or a summary of recent research advances. We strongly encourage submissions that are accompanied by a practical component (code and data sets) or a demonstration. Selected contributions will be presented at the workshop as talks or hands-on sessions, but will not be archived.

Papers, abstracts and supplemental materials must be submitted by email to Please include a full list of authors and a correspondence address.

Please include the authors and affiliations in your submission, as this workshop uses an open review process.  Please use the standard RSS format, the details of which are located at the following address:

We look forward to receiving your submission!